Club Nintendo hasn’t quite hit the U.S.

Apparently it’s not near enough the end of the year. Going through some old bookmarks that I used to check religiously I popped over to’s Current Promotions page. Though it got a slick visual update when Nintendo relaunched the site, the promotions didn’t. Not that Nintendo of America ever had that much going on, but for the better part of 2008 the only thing to get excited over is that 90-day Wii warranty extension.

Once upon a time, however, there were pretty amazing goodies to clamor for, most of which were DS inspired. First was the pink Kirby stylus, then some Brain Age swag, then a Phantom Hourglass feather stylus. If Nintendo really is bringing their amazing Club Nintendo (fan)service to the U.S. they apparently haven’t been hinting at it here.