All that is good about Super Mario Galaxy in a Mario Paint tune

I don’t post these Mario Paint remix videos very often (have I ever?) but like

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  • That’s creepy. I was just listening to some Mario Paint songs a couple days ago on Youtube (I was looking for some new RickRoll material, don’t ask me why).

    So you didn’t enjoy what you played of Mario Galaxy or Mario Paint?

  • ShawnS

    Well I never played with Mario Paint so it was most definitely Mario Galaxy that I didn’t enjoy much. Don’t ask me why, it just wasn’t the right time for me to play it I guess. One day I’ll pick it up again and love the hell out of it… probably.

  • As Tobias said on Arrested Development, “you’re blowing my mind.” Galaxy is quite possibly my all time favorite game. Certainly is the best Mario game.

  • ShawnS

    I know. I was expecting to love it and then it just bored me and frustrated me. All the spacey physics and upside-down stuff suddenly turned annoying and I just stopped playing.

    But like a Splinter Cell game, I think I have to get into a very specific mindset for Galaxy and hopefully one day I’ll finish it up.

    • I know all about that “Splinter Cell mindset syndrome.” I tried to play Double Agent again a few months ago. Really enjoyed it (for the most part) back when I bought the game. The most recent time I played it… just about couldn’t stand it. Gotta really be tuned in to that type of game or I just can’t get into it at all.

      That reminds me, whatever happened to that new one they were working on? I know they pretty much canned what they had and started all over. Seems like we’d be hearing something new by now.

      • ShawnS

        I hope they’re taking the new one very seriously and really making it perfect. Cause the rest of their franchises they’ve kinda been sequel happy with.