E3: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4; Why do I care!?

It took about 4 levels of Lego Star Wars II for me to call it quits on the entirely of the Lego PopularThing series. I never finished the game and I have completely ignored both Lego Batman and Indiana Jones, but for some reason I’m drawn to Lego Harry Potter. Maybe because it’s been rumored for so long and everyone’s been so sheepish about confirming it, or maybe it just makes more sense to me than even the massive history of Batman going brick-ish. Either way, here’s your first glimpse of the game (I can’t get the video online due to technicalities but I’ll link back later There it is! Up top!), not looking much different than any other Lego PopularThing title really. We’ll be scouring the world of Harry Potter in search of Lego studs Voldemort sometime next year, and though they didn’t confirm, you can expect it on every platform imaginable.

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  • talesfanatic1

    so r u going to be able to pick up studs like other lego games???

    • I'm sure. They don't ever change up those Lego games very much.
      I'm mobile. Please forgive my brevity and grammar

      • talesfanatic1

        its alrite but i just hope soon that they come out with a new trailer or gameplay so i can see what it looks like so i can ask my parents to buy it off at gamestop for christmas but il still proly get it cuz i LOVE hp and lego games and im also waitng for lego indi 2 and tales of graces if it comes out over here

        • No kidding. They're keeping new videos and info a secret way longer than any other Lego game. Maybe this one WILL be different or maybe it's just because there's already Lego Rock Band and Lego Indy 2 on the way. They don't want Harry to get lost in all the Lego news.

          • talesfanatic1

            hopefully thats true bcuz i want this game to come out really really bad