Achieving: Pre-chieving in the Crackdown 2 Demo

As far as I’m concerned this is genius stuff! The 30-minute timed demo of Crackdown 2 not only gives you a huge chunk of Pacific City to mess around with, it also lets you pre-achieve 10 feats of skill (and luck!) that will carry over to the full game when you load it up come early July. What I realized as I contemplated how I’d manage to ‘kill an enemy with a mounted machine gun while upside-down‘ was that these are all the kinds of Achievements I usually give up on in a game like Crackdown. It’s the very specific tasks that I usually put off until I finish a game but by then another new game has come out and I’ve moved on without thinking twice about how to ‘juggle a vehicle three times in the air in co-op mode‘.

It is kinda sleazy and no one knows yet how it’s going to work — are these 10 individual Achievements in the full game or do they add up to a single ‘demo’ unlock for 100 points? Can you still get these in the full game? Do they just pop up as soon as the game loads? — but I can’t deny that it worked on me. The time constraint put a new spin on an open world game, forcing me to focus on one thing at a time instead of running from whim to whim and it definitely kept me coming back again and again.

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  • heavyness

    Very cool thing with what they did. And I'm sure it will hook some people into buying it. But as for the game itself, I'm on the fence. I don't know, just feels different. Maybe I need to play the demo a bit more.

    • I agree, it did feel different at first. Try it again for sure because as apprehensive as I was at first I can't wait to dig into this next week! I'm pretty sure we're even going to spring for two copies so Katy and I can play together!

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