Club Nintendo 2010 Reward is finally a Winner!

Not to brag or anything but guess who’s getting this Club Nintendo Platinum Member Reward between now and December 2010? *pokes thumbs at self* THIS GUY! I didn’t think I had entered enough product codes or taken enough surveys to pull it off this year but when the choice came they totally let me pick this limited edition sculpture over the also-awesome-but-not-nearly-as-awesome 2011 desk calendar. I’d probably get more out of the calendar, to be honest, looking at it day in and day out, but I couldn’t resist this thing! Way, way, W A Y better than that Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! WiiWare game I got last year.

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  • Neff

    Now I wish I had entered all my wii games to earn points. That looks amazing

    • it sure does, until it gets all dusty and I can never get it clean again. haha It's either going to become a cake topper or a hood ornament.

  • Maxx77

    So jealous! I'll never get enough points in one year to get anything good from the Club.