Hulk Hogan pre-order bonus limp like 60 year old Wrestler

I’m normally not one to post about pre-order bonuses (anymore) but this one jumped out at me this morning for how incredibly bad it is. Anyone excited enough about Hulk Hogan’s Main Event to pre-order the Kinect title surely expects — and rightfully deserves — a better t-shirt than this. I mean, half of the guy’s shtick was that pre-ripped yellow shirt that he would violently escape from like it was his opponent. Can you imagine how many of those shirts are out there right now, saturated in body oil, beer and sweat, refusing to decompose in a landfill? And here ya go fella, have a boring black shirt with a logo hastily sprayed on it. Such a missed opportunity: the game could even have prompted you with ‘Escape from Your Shirt to Begin‘! Groundbreaking stuff.

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  • Anonymous

    I loved that game! Was that for the Atari?

    • It sure was! Haunted House for the Atari 2600. They also just made a new version of it… for the Wii. I wanna play it but I can’t stand the Wii anymore. I’m holding out for an XBLA port.