I’m not trying to be one of the dicks I’ve seen in ArcheAge forum posts, but…


I am starting to get worn down by the problems of this ArcheAge head start.  If this is what it’s like now, before the game is even open to the non-subscriber public, what will it be like on the 17th when the gates are really open?   I am unable to even login this morning which gives me time to write this when I would much rather be checking my crops.

I am new to MMOs so I assumed all the queuing, the authentication errors, failed logins and infinitely looping intro movie were normal for a brand new game. I figured Trion World does Rift and other mmos, so surely they are prepared.  I asked seasoned mmo players if 20 minute queues were normal for a paying member  at launch and found out they really aren’t. A friend said they were there for Rift’s launch and it was nothing like this.

I paid $50 for this game and the times I can get logged in to play it I feel it’s absolutely worth the money. I have already had $10 worth of fun since last Friday which I hope won’t be ruined when the official launch starts. I’m playing with online friends I really like that I don’t always get to team up with, plus my husband who I work well with in game (and out obviously).  There are so many routes a player can take in this game that from what I have heard are unique for an mmo.  I am leaning towards the gardening and crafting with a bit of trading.

I am sad that some people rushed to grab land so now many of us who were trying to take it gradually have nowhere to place a house. I have read that some guilds bought land up on purpose to resell or reserve for their guild or something, but as we know, most people are dicks, online doubly so.

I am able to login now, so that’s all I will say, at least until the official release.  PS We have a GameLuv guild as of last night “Gameluv dot com”

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  • Heart1lly

    Awww man. I know, the issues are pretty bad. I would say this launch is probably JUST as bad as WoW’s. I remember not being able to log in for a solid WEEK back when I was in college (the downtime forced me to go to class and study, haha.) These days, MMO launches are bit smoother. Queues are normal for a popular mmo, serious issues aren’t really par for the course anymore. I guess we’ll see how things go down when the regular folk are allowed to log in. *crosses fingers*

  • Maxx77

    Oh Rift’s early days were bad. Really really bad. On day one, every server filled up in minutes of going live. The queues grew to be several hours long. If you didn’t manage to get signed in each night before most people got home from work, you weren’t getting in anytime soon. That lasted for weeks. It took so long to get in, people started the practice of never logging out. You’d see people AFK all over the place in the main cities because they wanted to go eat dinner or do whatever they needed to do in real life, but didn’t want to have to log out and thus forfeit their chance of playing again that day. Of course, with everyone just logging in and then never logging out, the queues just got that much worse. Eventually Trion started kicking people who stood idle for too long, which helped somewhat. I remember it taking at least a month before the queues died off.

    Unfortunately that’s just how most MMO’s and online games go. Trion’s a good company when it comes to the genre, but they don’t have the resources of a big company like EA. Hell, who am I kidding? Even EA can’t provide enough servers when their own games launch. It’s the sad reality of this type of game. There’s always a huge rush of players in the early weeks, but then the population settles down. They only budget for the eventual population, it’d be a waste of money to build extra servers just to have to shut them off a month later. It really sucks, but there’s no easy solution. In the case of Archeage, it sounds extra bad if gold farmers are getting in and buying up all the land. I don’t know what the solution is for that. Stick with it though, it’ll get better, just expect long queues and lots of server resets for a while.