Let’s ignore Sonic’s checkered past for one day – he’s 25 today!


It’s Sonic’s 25th Anniversary today and Amazon is the winner so far for unexpected tributes. The homepage features the video above wherein Sonic runs past his numerous, sometimes questionable milestones without flashing a hint of embarrassment at pretty much everything past 1999. They even picked Palmtree Panic from Sonic CD for the music instead of the typical Green Hill Zone tune! Good on ya Amazon, now go buy some Sonic stuff and help me make a few pennies.

In related celebratory Sonic news, the indie game music label Materia Collective is releasing a huge remix album at some point today. It sounds classy as hell from this preview track, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest. And poking around Bandcamp yesterday I came upon this totally outstanding rearranged album from 2012, Mindwipe Goes Sonic. Damn it’s good!

If you haven’t seen it elsewhere there’s also a Sonic Humble Bundle going on but they’ve broken it up so every tier has at least one of the games you’d really want in a Sonic collection. That t-shirt in the $35 tier is preeeeetty tempting though.

Happy B-Day Sonic! Here’s to a comeback title I can finally get into.

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  • i love me some sonic.

    • What did you think of Sonic Mania’s reveal? I am once again hopeful, that thing looked super slick!

      • It looks great, as long as they don’t pull an episode 4 again it shouldn’t be fine. The drop dash seems like a move that is long overdue. Sonic 17 looks like it’s headed back to the well with two Sonics but i guess it worked last time so why not…

        • Fears of Episode 4 are real hahah but I’m with ya. All I needed to see was Sonic running around in a Bingo hopper. That’s some Gunstar Heroes stuff and makes me hopeful that Sonic’s onto a more clever design than just “gotta go fast”