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E3: Squeeballs or That Other Motion Controlled Game

squeeballsOhp, here’s one more that just made it up on Nfamous from the show.

One thing we learned at E3 this year is that proprietary hardware doesn’t just mean consoles anymore. From the motion/voice controlled Natal to Sony’s wand-based prototype to Ubisoft’s Your Shape camera, 2009 and 2010 are going to test the limits of our home’s square footage with new peripherals. Oh, and here’s another one, Squeeballs, from developer Performance Design Products.

Check out the full waggly thing over at NfamousGamers.

E3 2009 by Me

I wasn’t at E3, as I’m sure you’re aware because I didn’t make an OMB-BBQ-WTF!We’reHere! post, so I didn’t really make any astounding discoveries covering the show, but I did write a lot. And mostly for my own satisfaction I’m doing the recap link post now that it’s been one week since it all went down. Look for more Post-E3 stuff this week and on the podcast this Sunday.

E3: Data Design bringing more MotionPlus golfing to the Wii

You would rightly have expected a flurry of realistic sword fighting games to show off how accurate the upcoming Wii MotionPlus accessory is but it looks like “the gentleman’s sport” is going to be the official benchmark. When Nintendo first announced the gyroscopic peripheral at last year’s E3 they made mention of how realistically it could capture your golf swing, a concept that Electronic Arts was quick to exploit with the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. At this year’s E3, Data Design Interactive is ready to pick up the torch with two MotionPlus enhanced golf games of their own. Is it a hook or a slice? Find out more in my coverage at NfamousGamers.

E3: The Only thing you ever need to know about Medieval Games


I’m gonna save you months of waiting, $50, and a dose of disappointment and say that this screenshot here is probably as entertaining as Vir2L’s Medieval Games for the Wii is going to get. A late entry in the sad pantheon of Wii minigame collections, Medieval Games puts a mildly interesting spin on things with its medieval setting but the promise of jousting, sword dueling, catapult launching, and more with up to four players leaves my Bag of Holding sealed tightly shut. Still, Shaketh is pretty funny.