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There are Battletoads skins for Kinect Sports Rivals?!


Whoa, hey! When did Rare start acknowledging they created Battletoads in public again? It seems like all their work at Nintendo is very hush-hush from a marketing/PR standpoint and rarely gets mentioned by Microsoft anymore. But here we are, getting Battletoads branded outfits for Kinect Sports Rivals pre-orders.

Not being one who pre-orders or frequents GameStop, this e-mail I got this morning is the first I’d heard of it (the outfits are GameStop exclusives). So — ya know — Battletoads remake confirmed, right?

Kinect demo reveals the horrible secret of NBA Baller Beats

Oh cool, there’s a demo of NBA Baller Beats for Kinect. That’s nice, so now people can see for themselves how the game — hey, wait! How can I play the demo without a basketball? Turns out that while the game comes with its own Spalding brand ball designed for the game “NBA Baller Beats is so advanced that it can detect just about any similar sized ball.”

Well the cat’s out of the bag now Majesco, you just deflated (eh, eh?) your own market. Now all I need is a used copy of the game disc and the Baller Beats world is mine to exploit. I’m thinkin’ inflatable globe, Spongebob hi-bounce playground ball, maybe even a regulation dodge ball. Game getting too easy? Hell, I’ll try bouncing a rugby ball. I’ll become the NBA Baller Beats equivalent of Drago from Rocky IV.

Of 2012: Best Motion Gaming

For a few months there I was trying not to use a controller as I went through therapy for my arms and wrists. I couldn’t just stop playing games though and with the Wii all but retired I turned to Kinect and PlayStation Move. Here’s my Top Five Motion Game Experiences of 2012:

  • Rhythm Party
  • Kung Fu Rider
  • Datura
  • Wreckateer
  • Haunt

Rhythm Party is by far the best motion game of the year for me. It ditches the precise movements of Dance Central and simply gives you markers to hit on the screen in time with the music. How you hit them (or with which body part) is entirely up to you and your proficiency with terrible dance moves. Kung Fu Rider is kind of a cop out as it wasn’t released in 2012 but it provided the next best motion controlled fun… even though it doesn’t play so great.

Datura provided some legitimate thought provoking motion gaming which hasn’t happened since Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. In starkest of contrast is Wreckateer which is basically dumb, explodey fun that happens to play extremely well with Kinect. And then there’s Haunt… which was free. It had a couple of genuinely immersive moments but most of the time I wound up sliding along the walls or missing my targets.

And that’s motion gaming in 2012 folks: it still kinda works, is sometimes fun, is a total shocker when it succeeds, and is only a good value when it’s cheap or free.

Intel Discovered is a bewildering FMV adver-game for Kinect

Intel Discovered is proof positive that the bottom has totally fallen out of both Xbox 360 Achievements and Kinect. A free “game” released yesterday on Xbox Live, it requires a minimum of player input and doles out up to 400 Achievement points in about 30 minutes. It’s a slickly produced FMV experience that smacks of adver-gaming but — I swear — I can’t tell what it’s an ad for.

It’s produced by Intel and there are a few HP laptops featured within but they’re not a focal point. So, is it to remind people that Chris Evans is still an action movie star? That LMFAO is still making music, sort of? That Chanel Iman reminds me way too much of a young Thandie Newton? That you can quickly link your Xbox to Facebook and spam it with pictures (pictured)?

Surely it’s not to remind people about how much fun Kinect is because it’s barely required to take part in Intel Discovered. Most of the time I stood still, flabbergasted at what I was seeing and then realizing that it was my turn to duck, jump, fist pump, or strike a pose. I’m not sure if this is designed for kids or what but if you want a great example of how Kinect can be fun Wreckateer is on sale this week for a measly $5. I honestly had to force myself to turn it off last night and I can’t think of any other Kinect game I can say the same about.

Harry Potter gonna make you sweat, sweat!

No other literary property had such a strong motion gaming presence at E3 this year as Harry Potter. Whether it’s the bicep-busting reps you’ll work through with Wonderbook: Book of Spells or the full-body engagement of Harry Potter Kinect, you can’t enter the world of J.K. Rowling in 2013 without breaking a sweat!

Wonderbook: Book of Spells presents the perfect mix of upper body workout with the lower body flexibility of yoga. Work that wand arm to defeat mischievous dragons while holding a perfect Baddha Konasana pose with your legs! Don’t forget to switch hands between routines or you’re left side might need a shot of Engorgio!

Ready for a high impact workout?! You’ll swear P90X stands for Potter-times-90 once Harry Potter Kinect is done with you. Relive classic scenes from all hefty 8 books as you jump, lunge, duck, and swing through this game’s 30 levels spread across 4-6 hours of action! Play alongside your favorite characters as HPK puts YOU in the game… and under the Sorting Hat. Change spells with your powerful voice by yelling out ‘FURNUNCULUS’, ‘INCENDIO’ or ‘RIDDIKULUS’! Cool down after a tough workout with some herbology in Professor Sprout’s gardens.

She broke your heart with the Harry Potter novels and in 2013 J.K. Rowling is back to break your ass!