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Thumper will threaten your Sanity with PlayStation VR Support

Thumper, the gobsmackingly gorgeous and lightning paced “rhythm hell” game, is going to be even more hellacious when it’s finally released. Alongside this new gameplay trailer that shows off some of the advanced stages, developer Drool has confirmed support for PlayStation VR.

“To be honest, at first we weren’t sure whether Thumper would be a good fit for VR. We’ve spent the past few years making Thumper the most intense two-dimensional experience possible. Wouldn’t a VR version just be too intense? Well, against our better judgement, we recently got the game running PS VR. It’s not only intense, it’s completely overwhelming!”

Overwhelming sounds like the perfect word for a game like Thumper as it already looks daunting enough in 2D. Release dates have yet to be confirmed but Thumper will eventually hit Steam as well as PlayStation 4. The developers (all 2 of them) are already addressing calls to support the Rift, Vive and other VR platforms. They’d love to bring it to every headset out there but it may take some time.

Megaton Rainfall confirmed for PlayStation VR

YES! YES! YES! In the PlayStation VR sizzle reel just released from Sony’s conference at Paris Games Week you can see a few quick seconds of Megaton Rainfall. So that’s where the game has been hiding since January when I pegged it as one of my Top 20 IGF games.

For those that don’t remember Megaton Rainfall aims to be a first-person Superman simulator, allowing players to fly across the galaxy and right down into the massive cityscapes of a world invaded by gargantuan alien forces. The tech demo was impressive enough but doing all that in VR could make it one of the genre’s defining experiences. Basically, it means I’ll be getting PlayStation VR at some point. Check out this other video to get a better idea of what the game has in store.