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I’m Providing a Valuable Zombie Workout Service

You just don’t realize how much a game means to some people until it goes away. Running Delisted Games has brought all kinds of people to me, usually lamenting the loss of one of the hundreds of games I’ve dug into. It feels good to provide them a page to mourn the loss of a favorite game but sometimes I can go a little deeper.

I really didn’t know how many people regularly used and relied on Xbox Fitness until I got my first Delisted video online. People have been requesting uploads of specific workout and this past weekend I finally got everything recorded that I still have access to. Sadly, it isn’t much but I did get to record the 2-part Zombies workout. Yes, there are even zombies in fitness videos now.

It’s really peculiar. It feels like an FMV game — fitting, as it’s produced by SUMO Digital, the team behind the actual FMV game Intel Discovered — only you don’t have any control over how things happen. Instead, the team of survivors do a typical workout routine for a few minutes and then you repeat the sequences as they rush to a new safe location. It’s really something to see as the cast tries to apply burpees, walking push-ups and high jumps to zombie encounters.

Whether you exercise alongside them or not, those two videos in particular are worth queuing up sometime.

Of 2016: The YouTube Stats

Of 2016: The YouTube Stats

I asked for it, and I got it: stats on my YouTube channel! This may not be terribly interesting to you but here it is anyways because it’s the only time I really look back at what I’ve recorded. Once again things were on the up and up for me with a few milestones in 2016.

It was the year that I topped 1,000 subscribers (Hi to the 404 new ones) and just over a million minutes watched! My videos racked up 441,695 views, a 23% increase over the year before. Unfortunately, the average view duration dropped again, down 11% to 2 minutes and 25 seconds. It’s been dropping steadily since 2013 though which I think is more indicative of the YouTube audience in general than just my annoying voice.

Total Likes of 3,173 far outweighed the Dislikes of 126 and 699 comments were posted. My heart jumped every time I saw a new comment come in, fully expecting the worst. Yes, plenty of them were filled with irrational name calling but I think a greater percentage were positive; thanking me for taking the time to record something obscure or being constructive on my production. Loads of them were also to lament the Kojima/Konami split and theorize what P.T. would’ve been like.

The single most viewed video was a returning favorite, the beloved Battletanx “Snuggle Bear” commercial with 49,953 new views for a lifetime total of 86,764. It made its way to some of the people involved in the commercial last year and we found out that Jamie Hyneman and Co. were behind the production and that Trip Hawkins went to court to defend the commercial from the Snuggle Bear owners.

The remainder of my Top 10 most viewed videos were all familiar faces from years past. The Speed Racer movie game, Body Harvest and Metal Gear Solid V each had tens of thousands of new views. Sadly, my all-new 2016 uploads fell much shorter but there were some highlights. Here’s a quick Top 5 of original 2016 content:

4,884 views   Hands-On with the PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote
3,545 views   2016 Emulation Station Theme – ‘Striation’ Final Release 1.0!
1,806 views   Let it Die: All (Beginning) Naomi Detox dialog
1,669 views   Spelunker World: How Upgrades, Item Fusion and Litho-Stones Work
810 views      NBA Jam: The Music Videos VHS (1994)

Finally, the heavy hitters. Here’s the rundown on new views in 2016 for my most regularly watched series:

94,017 views   Metal Gear Solid V [Music Tape 1]
83,847 views   Speed Racer: The Videogame
60,455 views   GameLuv Retro
     including 31,050 from “Snuggle Bear”
     including 2,313 from Nintendo’s E3 2001 Conference
22,700 views   Delisted Games Videos
17,462 views   Body Harvest series

Hands-on with PaRappa the Rapper Remastered

I had to Believe, and now PaRappa the Rapper is going to be playable on a modern TV! Announced at PlayStation Experience, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered is coming in 2017 alongside updates of LocoRoco and Patapon but right now the game’s release date is December 31st, 2017! That has to be a placeholder date since Sony also released a free playable demo on the day of the announcement.

And here it is, all 10 minutes of it. Check out Chop Chop Master Onion in HD fidelity so fine you can practically get a paper cut from his edges! How’s that for PR hyperbole?

Watch, Listen and Reminisce About Boulder Dash

Ever since Giant Bomb did that Quick Look of Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary I’ve been feeling the feels for the Atari PC and NES versions that my sister and I used to play. It’s taken way longer than I planned but I finally finished a new videOST series for the game’s soundtrack and recorded a little session with the game full of stories and memories. I also managed to finish the game without an excessive amount of cheating. It’s the first time I can remember ever seeing (and hearing) the ending!

Good Karma, Bad Game: The Music of Super Bombad Racing

Because nobody asked — no, wait — because one person asked, here is the entire soundtrack from one of the most maligned Star Wars games in existence: Super Bombad Racing. I bought it just over a year ago to see if its soundtrack offered any fun remixes of Star Wars themes for a feature I wrote on Original Sound Version. Turns out, it doesn’t.

But I am nothing but a conduit: passing something I have (and don’t necessarily love) onto someone who wants it. I’m like a Video Game Buddhist, or at the least I’m paying it forward for my fellow gamers in search of obscure coverage.

Who’s next? What do you want to see or hear? If I’ve got it or can get ahold of it I’d love to do some more requests. Bonus points if you pick a game that happens to be on my growing backlog.