Ether Saga

Katy plays Ether Saga beta

Katy plays Ether Saga beta

So far Ether Saga seems like the MMO I can handle.  I have only been playing two days, so this may change, but right now I feel hooked!

The only online games I have played have been Sims Online, Hero Online, Maple Story, and Silk Road.  The last two I only played for maybe a day, if not less.  Sims Online not included, the thing I don’t like about MMOs is trying to figure out where I need to be and dying a lot.  You go to attack one creature and they all gang up on you.  Ether Saga doesn’t have either of these problems (so far, it is in beta after all).  I can open my quest menu and click the highlighted task item and it takes me straight to it.  No looking at the map to find where the place is and then continuously reopening the map to make sure I’m going the right way.

As far as enemies go, I can stand in a field of enemies and they don’t attack me until I attack them.  Even then, the only enemy that attacks me is the one I hit first! YES!  I have yet to die or even get really low on health other than last night when they had some crazy event with a billion enemies attacking the city.  Even then I still was able to heal before dying.

The game design reminds me of Hero Online’s Chinese themed style, but it’s cute.  The way Mystic Heroes is a cuter Dynasty warriors looking game.  You have a pet and you can gain more pets in the Pokemon type method (weaken it then capture).  You can craft things, build up weapons and armor, and do lots of quests.  I have yet to figure out the crafting and such, but I have done many quests!

Ok back to my game…

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