Calling all Doctors, Micro Xbox dupes Tardis technology


Like a Tardis, it seems impossible to think that all the junk inside the original Xbox fits inside that tiny, one-inch thick case (ok, there’s no disc drive) but Xbox-Scene modder Bandit5317 has tightened the belt and crammed it all into an amazing package. There’s plenty of specs and details on how he did it at the Xbox-Scene forum but what you really want to know is that it has a 320gb hard drive, still plays nice with FTP/Media Center access, and runs a helluva lot quieter than the gigantic black ‘n green box you’re still hanging onto.

What it doesn’t do is build itself so unless you’ve got half a year of “off and on” time to spend on it like Bandit5317 you’ll probably have to settle for hiding your old Xbox inside a cabinet and running an IR extender in order to emulate these svelte dimensions. Thanks to Engadget for grabbing the pics before they hit their Photobucket bandwidth limit.

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