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US box art for Katamari Forever

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For holiday gifts I got Katamari Forever & Sims 3 World Adventures expansion!  I’ve started both and both are fun.  Katamari Forever is basically Beautiful Katamari redone in cell-shading for PS3.  It’s fun, and some things are different, but mostly it’s a game I’ve already played the crap out of.  Don’t get me wrong, I could roll forever.  Sims 3 World Adventures expansion, like the expansions for Sims 2, adds to the basic game.  Now you can go on vacation to Egypt, China or France.  There are tasks when you get there and the amount of time you are able to stay grows as you complete the tasks.  I took a 3 day trip to China with my family, but that’s all so far.

In Dragon Age, Alistair broke up with me.  I got him to be King and he dumps me.  I have to put that aside though, I have an archdemon to kill.

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