Tower of Heaven looks and sounds great, will probably kill me

I just happened upon Archive Games by way of their newly-released “first person action/puzzle platformer” Grappling Hook and while it looks fiendishly clever in the same way as Portal, it’s Tower of Heaven that has me contemplating my next PC game. Evil in the same vein as I Wanna Be the Guy, Tower of Heaven has a little more going for it in my book. For starters there’s a peculiar story that unfolds as you attempt to reach the top of the tower. As you clear each screen and ascend another floor an angry God starts changing the rules. Suddenly it deems that “Thou shalt not touch walls or blocks from the side” and then “Thou shalt not touch yellow blocks”. At one point in this video it declares that walking Left is a sin! Walking Left!

The other thing Tower of Heaven has is a great Game Boy presentation and a catchy chiptune soundtrack by Flashygoodness. I’d like to think that these trappings could envelope me, sharpening my feeble skills to take on that angry God’s challenges…. but I don’t honestly think I’m quite ready for it just yet. Fortunately, Tower of Heaven is one of Archive Games free offerings so after you grab their desktop client you can download and play it for free! Let this post serve as a reminder for me to one day get a controller hooked up to my PC so I can tempt the platforming fates to smite me yet again.

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