More Free Game Music Finds

I’ve apparently become Ringmaster of free video game music! Checking out the headlines at GamesPress yesterday, it looks like Tim Wright (who you may know better as CoLD SToRAGE) has started a new brand to deliver “music, sound effects & voice over for games, video, film, TV, websites and media projects” under his already-impressive one-stop multimedia company, Tantrumedia. The new division is called Bwrw Eira (that’s ‘boo-roo ay-rah’) and while I have no business recruiting their services, their site has a massive playlist of previous work.

Full-length sample tracks include recent work on Gravity Crash and The Club and go all the way back to stuff from Wipeout, Krazy Ivan, Colony Wars and many more. There’s also a handful of video clips demonstrating the team’s work on old Psygnosis games for an extra shot of nostalgia. Check ’em out and use your favorite Flash ripper to download the tracks*

*I’m totally assuming there’s some nefarious way to rip music out of Flash

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