The GameLuv Show goes to E3 2010!

Ok, so we didn’t really go to E3 but we were practically there from all the live blogs, news posts, streaming press conferences and other podcasts we took in. And since we haven’t played a whole lot in the last week we spend our time together on this episode talking up the highs, the lows, and everything in between from the show so far!

Also, we’re slowly rebranding the PodShots thing as simply The GameLuv Show so look for some stuff to change in your feeds. I don’t know yet if you’ll have to resubscribe so if you notice any broken links your particular RSS aggregators, let us know!

Listen to the show right here in this very page or, as always, head over to our Talkshoe page to rate and review the show, subscribe via RSS or iTunes, and check out all of our past episodes! Thanks for listening and letting us know what you think (Psss! E-mail us at podcast (at) gameluv (dot) com or hit us up on Twitter @GameLuv). We hope you like it!

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