Play LEGO Harry Potter OnLive, win an iPad

The backbone of OnLive is pretty amazing stuff; streaming PC gaming that requires little more than a web browser and a controller. But ever since the service launched and Maxx and I got invited in it’s felt more and more bleak. Losing the right to serve up any games from EA (for now) has left OnLive with a tiny roster of titles and the payment structure in general is a little confusing. There’s not a lot of PR coming out of the company yet so I was pleased to see that their first new release, LEGO Harry Potter, came with some fanfare.

That fanfare would be a contest in which the first person to complete the game by having found all 200 Gold Bricks and completed a Voldemort bonus level will win an Apple iPad with the next five players who meet the stiff criteria winning an iPod Touch. I especially like the way in which you prove your progress. Since OnLive is a streaming service it’s always backing up the last several seconds of your game and you can simply hit a button combo to save that footage as a Brag Clip. It harkens back to the days when you’d take a photo of your TV to prove to Activision you really did get a top score on Astro Blast, but the rules nowadays are understandably more complex. Good on ya, OnLive! Here’s to progress!

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