Beats Go On!

Beats Go OnBeats on the PSP is almost the exact game I envisioned back in the early 90’s when consoles took their first overpriced steps towards CD media. I remember the 3DO had an incredible looking visualizer that was as mind blowing as any Virtuality pod or Final Fantasy announcement at the time. It was around then that I thought “hey, wouldn’t it be great if a game could take the beat or lyrics of a song and turn it into a game?” I had always pictured a sort of shooter but things haven’t quite evolved in that direction and after a decade of music/rhythm games this is what I’ve come to long for.

With the advent of more powerful hardware this groundbreaking experience is now miraculously portable and with the PSP’s RSS Channel feature it is suddenly possible for people like little ol’ me to provide everyone with an ongoing stream of new music to play. Just plug in this URL in your PSP’s web browser, add the feed when prompted and there we are, right in your RSS Channel. Connect once again and you’ll be viewing the latest MP3s up for grabs. You can stream ’em and listen to each track first or just hit the Triangle button and choose Save. If you press Triangle and choose Information you can even read the first chunk of the post if I’ve managed to be succinct about it (doubtful).

Fear not website visitors. I installed a music player on the site and you can listen, download, and comment like any other post we make. RSS subscribers should also be covered as both Netvibes and Google Reader run the code through their own audio players. No wireless connection? Just plug your PSP into your PC and download the songs. I’d love to get others involved with posting as well so any interested parties feel free to contact me. In the meantime, just look for at least one new post each week on your PSP or check back here at the site. Let’s get started!

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