Winter Wishing for SSX 3

I admit, I’m mildly interested in EA’s latest take on the SSX series — Deadly Descents — and am glad to see the IP back in a new release but, man, do I miss SSX 3! By the time I’d finished the main career mode all I wanted to do was repeatedly hit the All Peaks Run. A race against the clock that would still top 10 minutes even if you nailed every curve; I never did but it remained fun time and time again.

Painful as it is to pun, it only went downhill from there. The next game in the series, On Tour, was fun but it still left me yearning for that far flung peak.Years passed before SSX surfaced again, this time on the Wii as SSX Blur, but I had no interest in waggling my way through that whatsoever. I’d love to see EA retool SSX 3 (or any of the titles, really) for a downloadable tie-in to Deadly Descents but since the themes of the old games are so disparate from the new I can’t think it’s more than a hopeful daydream.

At some point once we’re back from vacation I’m going to dig out my old Xbox and load it up for one more run down that mountain! Anybody else miss the good old days of stupid Monster Tricks, dance club soundtracks and 2-legit commentators?

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