ActiveMinute for the week of March 14th

Alright, we’ve got some ground to cover as I catch back up on my tweets. I missed a couple weeks there — sorry about that — but hopefully I can get this back on a weekly basis so these posts don’t get too long and out of date. For now, let’s go:

  • March 4th #ActiveMin is back with Kinect Adventures today. Rallyball remains a bummer too as the game that’s too laggy to be as fun as it should be.
  • March 5th Pump it Up fans need to be here for #ActiveMin (more like ActiveHour) today! Got the homebrew Xbox out with a few hundred classic songs!
  • March 5th #ActiveMin devolved into DDR with a controller, devolved into SSX On Tour, almost devolved into Dinosaur Hunting marathon speedrun!
  • March 6th Spent part of the day setting up the 2nd bedroom just for last gen dance games #ActiveMin to the next — err, last — level!
  • March 8th #ActiveMin tonight was going to be some more 2nd bedroom/last gen motion gaming antics but ran out of time… so Kinect Adventures it was!
  • March 9th Half of #ActiveMin was just setting up the Eye Toy in the other room. Then a few rounds with Eye Toy Groove. Still fiddling with lighting.
  • March 9th Finished the last set of challenges on Kinect Adventures for #ActiveMin today. All that’s left is the ultra challenge and then the grind.
  • March 10th Quick #ActiveMin with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. New records in Virtual Smash & Stack Em Up! Only about 12 calories burned though.
  • March 12th Alright Kinect Adventures! I’m comin’ for you and your final crazy-long challenge for #ActiveMin today! Let’s see how this goes!
  • March 12th Ohp… turns out the ultimate challenge in Kinect Adventures only took 25 minutes.
  • March 12th And here it is! My final living statue performance from Kinect Adventures
  • March 13th Super quick #ActiveMin with DanceMasters demo. I really need to buy this game some day. I got AA on Geisha’s Dream… again.
  • March 14th Played a bunch of DDR songs with Pump it Up 5-way steps turned on for #ActiveMin. Awkward but awesome & getting more use out of 2nd bedroom.

Though the logo may be heavy on KinectActiveMinute is my attempt to justify allmotion gaming peripherals I’ve collected over the years and get a little more physical activity into my day. Sessions last for only a few minutes and are chronicled on Twitter with the hashtag #ActiveMin. I’ll post a weekly roundup here so feel free to follow along, comment or join in yourself. Just use that hashtag!

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