OnLive giving away free games for in-game Achievements

You’ve only got one day left to take advantage of the deal above but there’s something else going on here that I wanted to point out; Deals for Achievements. Deals. For Achievements! I’m sure there’s plenty of legalese behind it but I can’t verify it right now because OnLive seems to be… offline. But the idea is perfectly evil: the more you play and the better you do at these specific goals, the more chance you have of getting something cheap or even free.

It’s not too far removed from Club Nintendo trading registered games into exclusive swag or Microsoft giving their own Points back through a Rewards program but this seems even better implemented. Imagine killing 100 guys with fire in a game and getting a ping that you just earned a free game.  That’s maybe the best incentive I’ve seen yet to quest after ancillary goals in a game. Now, if OnLive would just get back up so I can check it out.

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