Machete + Twitter = PlayStation 2 games!

Ever late to the party, I just recently watched Robert Rodriguez’s fantasy/violence/grindhouse/ole-ole-ole flick, Machete. Towards the end the “heroes” come rolling onto the scene in lowriders with hydraulics and turbo chargers that turn out to be missile launchers. There’s even a scene of extreme hydro-violence where a car hops up and smashes down on a vigilante border guard, splattering him all over the pavement. In the span of these scenes my memory randomly whirred into action and asked: do people even still put hydraulics in their cars?

The answer is irrelevant because that lone neuron took another u-turn which led to Twitter where @PeterSkerritt has been chronicling his PlayStation 2 finds lately. The hydros and the tweets collided and by the time the movie ended I was e-mailing a random Amazon seller to find out if their copy of Lowrider included a case or not. Seven dollars later the game I once followed through development and localization at was finally mine. I rented it around the time of its release but never gave it much of a chance. I was planning on picking it up cheap and in pristine condition after no one rented it and it was sold off but… I just never did.

And now we’re at the awkward part of this post I’ve been dreading. I still haven’t played the game! This is where I would’ve had a video or some kind of impressions but I admit I have yet to load Lowrider up. I’ll get to it one of these days, I promise, and you’ll hear more about it than you probably ever thought you would in 2011.


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