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Someone made Flower in 2D for iOS

Yes that’s a little reductive but then so is the concept of Flower itself. You move around as the wind, visible by the trail of flower petals and leaves that are caught up in your gust, and try to get them all to a goal. On the Wind is a 2D take on Flower and despite being questionably close to its unlicensed source material (down to the minimal piano score) Β it’s quite the looker. Each season has its own colorful palette and the forced scrolling requires you to wind through the mazelike landscapes quickly to gather all the flora.

It’s out on iOS for $1.99 and if you like directing the forces of nature you could also check out LostWinds (on iOS or WiiWare), the proper release of Flower on PlayStation 3, or what the heck, Populous and From Dust too!

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