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‘Ninja the strongest’ with Ninja Gaiden on your smartphone

A little bit 3D action, but mostly card battling

Well, on your Mobage-enabled, Japanese smartphone that is. Tecmo Koei announced that they’ll release ‘Ninja Gaiden of One Million People’ this fall on Android and iOS devices through the Mobage service in Japan. The free-to-play offering will feature 3D graphics and some touch-based action but the majority of the gameplay looks to be based around card battling.

From what I can make out through the hazy Google translation, the ‘one million people’ tagline refers to the game’s social hooks and that they’ll monetize the thing by selling items and weapons. Your goal? To ‘ninja the strongest’ with your clan of friends, all putting their energy into completing group quests and building up ‘Ninja Gacha’ to unlock new weapons and level up.

Wow, this is getting much less appealing now that I dig more into it. I should really finish wading through translations before I start writing posts because now I feel like I have to put this up. Let them have their card battling, microtransaction social game. This is probably as good a time as ever to remind you that Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword on DS was really pretty good.

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