All the cool stuff on Xbox One requires a Gold Membership

I’ve heard some talk since E3 like people may have missed this video from Microsoft. Entitled ‘Get the most from Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold’, the video that has a mere 16 views as of this posting highlights how a paid Gold membership is required for things like (in their words):

  • Unrivaled multiplayer gaming
  • Smarter matchmaking
  • Capture and share favorite moments
  • Get TV that’s tailored to you with OneGuide
  • Skype

In less than one minute the video painfully demonstrates that all those cool features Microsoft has shown will be locked behind the golden gates of their paid Live membership. The tail-end does point out that all profiles on the “single, designated Xbox One in Gold members home” can benefit from online gaming but that other Gold features cannot be shared.

It’s the bad news I was hoping we wouldn’t hear and there are more caveats and asterisks at It makes me curious to see how magical the Xbox One experience is with only a free Silver account.

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