Bandcamping: Club Needlemouse by RobKTA

[iframe src=”<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 540px; height: 660px;” src=”” seamless><a href=””>Club Needlemouse by RobKTA</a></iframe>”]

Since I found out about GameChops and DJ Cutman over a year ago I’m always looking forward to new releases. Club Needlemouse is a new collaborative effort from RobKTA with the interesting concept of remixing “the tunes from Sonic series with the style of electronic music that was popular when the original games were released”.

Funk, acid-jazz and disco house meet Sonic melodies from the original up through the as-yet-unreleased Sonic Lost World. Having grown up with Club Sega, ‘They Call Me Sonic’, and H.W.A.’s SuperSonic I think Club Needlemouse works perfectly. Have a listen in the player above; the album is available now through bandcamp and Loudr.

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