Name of the Game: Enter the Game

NOTICE: Roll over the Image for the Answer

I admit, it’s not real content like game impressions or obscure news but I enjoy these kinds of community “game” posts and don’t see them much anymore. So I’d like to introduce Name of the Game: The Game! We’ll take an image, crop it down and post it. Since feed readers automatically peek behind the More link you’ll have to mouse over the image for the answer. If anyone has a more elegant solution please let me know, this is the best and simplest I could come up with.

So, did you get it? Have to cheat and peek at the answer? Leave a comment about the game. Did you like it? Hate it? Ever finish it? Purchase a rare mint, boxed copy? I’d like to get some fun conversations going with these posts so drop a quick comment even if it’s just to say “oh yeah, I remember that one!”. These posts should happen pretty regularly on Tuesdays and will help fill the void left by my crappy close/open work schedule.

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