F2P Crazy Market has the next best boss ever


I’ve been playing Crazy Market on the Vita recently because it’s the latest free-to-play offering and it has some good hooks. The Game Atelier has somehow found an aspect of mundane, everyday life that hasn’t been gamified yet: the checkout lane.

Specifically, we’re talking about the grocery store conveyor belt where items speed across the screen and have to be grabbed, scanned and put back on the belt before falling off. It gets maddeningly hectic when they start layering on mechanics like having to punch in UPC codes when an item doesn’t scan.

Naturally, things get bizarre when the store periodically catches on fire or you realize you’re scanning someone’s baby before handing them back to their terrified mother. And what game would be complete without an engrish-spouting boss? I keep playing just to see what he’s gonna say next!


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