A look at GameLuv in 2013


In 2012 WordPress sent out some stats on GameLuv and it inspired me to dig into how the site fared that year. Maybe I shouldn’t have made it an annual tradition because, like myself, 2013 was one of the worst years for the site.

We had a pitiful total of 9,920 views for the whole year (down from 23,000 in 2012) and the lowest since all the way back in 2008. We averaged 27 views a day, most of which came to the home page. For that I’m grateful, it means there are readers out there who check in with GameLuv on a regular basis.

Our top posts haven’t changed much though. Katy’s open plea to Harmonix to make a Kpop version of Dance Central was second most viewed. My pre-release look at Skylanders still draws hits even though I didn’t have many details to go by. Dana’s retrospective on Sega’s arcade shooter, The Ocean Hunter remains a top post once again.

I am happy to see that our Number One post is from 2013. My write up about K-Pop Dance Festival for the Wii had 667 views last year. Also in the top ten is the tidbit I dug out of Sony’s PlayStation 4 FAQ revealing that you can stream PS4 audio wirelessly through the controller into a headset. That is still some bitchin’ news!

I don’t know if it drove people away or not but my automated YouTube posts filled up much of GameLuv in 2013. I’m going to disable the plugin and maybe do a weekly round up with links (and fewer embedded video blocks) this year. As video grows to be the dominant medium on the internet it’s likely that GameLuv’s numbers will continue to drop but I’ll do my best to keep the site alive.

Thank you to everyone who found GameLuv in 2013 and everyone reading this somber post. I really hope to turn things around professionally and personally in 2014!

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