This Week on YouTube: R-Type, re-ups, and 90’s attitude

Instead of auto-posting every single YouTube video to the site with big embeds, missing tags and odd formatting, I’ve decided to do a weekly recap of my uploads. I may also throw in some links to interesting videos I watched.

The R-Type Command playthrough continued this week with Part 53 (Martian Repose). It’s a nice, easier mission after Invincible Line and gets us one step closer to finally being done with this gargantuan playthrough series. I found a copy of Courier Crisis back home over the holidays and finally got a half hour of it uploaded. It’s full of great 90’s ‘tude and, unexpectedly, every familiar sound effect you’ve ever heard.

Earlier in the week I was contacted about my Drihoo video that’s been online since 2011. Something broke inside YouTube and the video doesn’t load reliably so I reuploaded it after some tricky editing to appease the YouTube gods. And juuuust about a week ago I posted a look at the elusive 3DO memory manager which you could only get to if you had one of a few demo discs.

Over on Katy’s channel she posted a video of her, Ryan and I going on a trademark firetruck rampage in Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s become one of my favorite pointless pastimes in the game because, man, those firetrucks can take a serious beating.

Worth Watching
Twitter friend and accredited old ass gamer, Pete Skerritt has launched a new retro gaming venture called Retro Unscripted. He’s got all the social media sites covered but it all revolves around his YouTube channel. And an honorable mention goes to this video of some clever Xbox One trolling by the videogames channel. The kid verbalizing his realization of the joke is my favorite part.

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