This Week on YouTube: Cars, Bydo, Ninjas, Spelunkers, igloos

What’d I say last week? Big plans! This week was chock-a-block with videos. We started off with a special request from a commenter for the ending scene from Top Gear Dare Devil, a PlayStation 2 game I took a look at a while back. I found all the cutscenes on the disc and was able to convert them pretty easily so I edited it all into one video.

On Tuesday we inched yet another step closer to the end of R-Type Command with Part 55 (In Arm’s Reach). I started out with an army and ended up with a very lonely flagship. It was pretty grueling and more than a few times I thought I was going to have to start over.

Tuesday is also the fastest I could get my Spelunky stream (City of Gold or Bust! Day 2) out of Twitch and onto YouTube. I don’t think I’ll be streaming any more; I’m not into being distracted by a delayed chat while I try to play a game. All I’m left with for posterity is a crappier looking video than I could’ve recorded offline.

A little while ago I sat down to record some Shinobi 3, a childhood favorite and one of the few games I played repeatedly. Without too much trouble (and only a few save states) I played it from top to bottom in one, 90 minute sitting. It’s no speedrun, all-secrets guide video but it was a lot of fun to go back through.

Finally, on Thursday I posted about a half hour of Starbound. Since the character wipes are supposedly over I’ve been dipping back into the game and thought I’d record since I was still set up for Spelunky. Igloos are made and poor words are chosen to describe the Pokemon-esque creatures in the game.

Katy’s also got some new stuff on her channel this week; a new installment of Infinite Undiscovery. As she tells it, this week’s episode sees “Capell and the team head out to Vesplume Tower to rid the world of another chain. Lord Sigmund tells Capell a serious secret on the way. Edward is a jealous bitch toward Capell over Lord Sigmund.”

Worth Watching
I went on a movie trailer bonanza last weekend because I’m highly out of touch with movies nowadays. Transcendence looks like the action counterpart to Her and, for once, Johnny Depp isn’t wearing (as much) makeup! X-Men: Days of Future Past is all kinds of screwy awesomeness. Tom Cruise is doing some more trippy sci-fi in Edge of Tomorrow. Oh my god, they’re rebooting Godzilla again. Jeff Bridges once again confronts a feminist Julianne Moore in Seventh Son only this time he’s an incomprehensible warrior instead of an incomprehensible stoner. Wow, I watched so many more but in lieu of endless links here’s just one more, to a perfectly censored version of Frozen that lets you sing along with your expletive of choice!


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