This Week on YouTube: Gold, Bitter Chocolate, Finer Things

It’s a Spelunky double-header this week with City of Gold or Bust! Day 4 and then a surprise Day 5 installment to check out the new features in the game’s latest update. Basically, you’ll never see that old HUD display again and I may never stop running!

The hole left on Tuesdays now that I’ve finished R-Type Command was quickly filled with… more R-Type. Quicker than I expected, I recorded the first two missions of R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate. I’m seriously not invested in a complete playthrough because the game is gargantuan in comparison to the original and completely in Japanese. But, I’d still love to play it and I’m probably the only one out there capturing it direct, rather than just pointing a phone camera at a PSP.

One series I am committed to sticking with is Body Harvest. Up this week is Greece, Stage 2 which I have hilariously dubbed: Howitzer? It nearly killed ‘er!

Katy’s got more Katamari and Capell on her channel this week. Episode 4 of her Infinite Undiscovery series continues and her weekly look at Beautiful Katamari’s sprawling (and hilarious) Collection View begins with Part 1.

Worth Watching
Goat Simulator has gone from gag to greenlight! Well, it’ll hit Steam eventually but you can pre-order access to an early beta on the official site. Disney Magical World is finally coming to the English-speaking world and here’s the first trailer of the pseudo-Animal Crossing title in action.

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