This Week on YouTube: Our anniversary trip to Minecraft Disney World

It’s finally New Game Season around here which means my YouTube recording schedule is going ignored. Bravely Default and Earth Defense Force 2025 are hogging all my time but I did manage to get a decent assortment of stuff uploaded, at least for one more week.

I hopped into that Titanfall beta on Xbox One and had fun for an hour or so. Multiplayer shooters aren’t my thing anymore so I got bored with the killing and decided to go admire the game’s gorgeously ruined sci-fi world in An Architectural Walking Tour of Titanfall. Tuesday saw a new installment of R-Type Tactics 2, the first mission in the game featuring Bydo units and one that should be familiar to anyone who’s played R-Type Final.

Then things got really weird on Wednesday as I dove into the MegaRace bundle that lifelong friend Auritech gifted me. They’re a pair of turn-of-the-tech, 90’s car combat games held together by the unflinching FMV performance of ChristianErickson. It’s fabulous! Our adventure into Body Harvest continues as well with Part 3. It took me so many tries to get this one recorded so it’s a pretty straight-forward run. Still, there’s plenty of boats and airplanes to see (and nearly crash).

Katy’s got a lot going on over at her channel. There’s three more installments of Beautiful Katamari (02, Collection 02, 03) and Part 5 of Infinite Undiscovery. I sat her down with Jazzpunk, totally sight unseen and we began our anniversary trip to; Minecraft Disney World.

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