This Week on YouTube: We’ve got a big alien bug problem

The giant alien bug slaughter rampages on! I finally posted a video of our time with Earth Defense Force 2025 (Katy’s got lots more, and more coming) and set foot in 1941 Java for more N64-style bug slaying in Body Harvest.

Another rampage took place on Tuesday; a rampage of my heart. R-Type Tactics II finally broke me (as I knew it would) on Mission 05. After six attempts I finally understood what was happening and was able to record but the spark has left me. Without being able to read or understand what’s going on there’s not much fun in it for me. This is the last regularly scheduled R-Type Tactics video for the time being.

Katy’s channel continued this week with more installments of Beautiful Katamari, EDF2025, and Minecraft Disney World. On a personal note, she’s also posted a vlog about her history with Kpop.

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