This Week on YouTube: A different kind of bug

Sometimes you just need to unwind with some Beetle Adventure Racing! That was my exact thought as I tried for the umpteenth time to make it through the next stage in Body Harvest. That game’s gettin’ rough!

Beetle Adventure Racing is one of those games that I’m always ready to play and with the N64 set up to record it was finally easy enough to do so. I was hoping to make this another “I played all the way through” videos but I picked the wrong difficulty and it ended after 3 or 4 courses. No worries though, there’s plenty of ridiculous “shortcuts” to see here and I even boosted the video brightness through YouTube so you can see them!

I also posted the next stage in Body Harvest: Java Stage 02. This isn’t the one I’m currently stuck on, that’s Stage 04. This one is still filled with whimsy… and tanks. And more than a few of my own sound effects.

Katy’s channel rages on with more episodes of Beautiful Katamari, EDF2025, Infinite Undiscovery and Minecraft Disney World. Katy’s also got another vlog up about her experience at SM Town in Paris back in 2011.


Worth Watching
I’ve been flipping through old issues of GameFan before bed and jotting down games I’d forgotten about or ones I never got to play. Loadstar is maybe the slickest FMV rail shooter of them all, featuring Ned Beatty and some quality emoticon gags. Ultra Vortek for the Jaguar is as painful a Mortal Kombat clone as you’d imagine. Kaze Kimi wasn’t thrilling to watch but has an almost Bushido Blade-esque strategy to its 2D ninja action.

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