This Week on YouTube: Soup, Nuts, Remote Controls

It’s been a bit of a mixer on YouTube this week. We started out way early with a first look at PixelJunk’s Early Access Nom Nom Galaxy. The Terraria/soup mogul game made for a pretty popular video so I have a second one going up today. We finally cornered the soup market and won!!

This past weekend I also picked up the Xbox One Media Remote and we filmed a video unboxing and our filthy first hands-on impressions. Thursday’s Body Harvest upload is full of pop culture references and made for a nice change of pace as the difficulty has ramped up in 1940’s Java.

Katy’s channel has more of everything this week; more episodes of Beautiful Katamari, EDF2025, Infinite Undiscovery and Minecraft Disney World. Katy’s also got another vlog up about her random issues with Kpop which led her to sit me down with a bunch of Kpop music videos to film my reactions.

Worth Watching
Holy cow, check out this voxel-based, FX2-powered Comanche “flight sim” that never made it out for the SNES. Spry Fox finally took the wraps off of Road Not Taken so you can now make some sense of how it actually plays. This XBLA wingsuit game — Skydive: Proximity Flight — looked neat until I saw it required the 360’s clunky Kinect. Speaking of Kinect, it was revealed that my favorite Doctor (David Tennant) will be the voice of God in Kinect Sports Rivals on Xbox One.

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