This Week on YouTube: More soup, Ranger-X, VideOST debut

I’ve been meaning to play through Ranger-X again for years. It’s one of those games that I’m always on the verge of playing and this time, I finally did! I love the game so much that I recorded it twice, once as a mostly-blind run on Easy Mode and again on Normal Mode at a much snappier pace; the way I remember playing the game.

Nom Nom Galaxy got its first major update so I took a little time to play through a new level, show off co-op mode with Katy and detail the new changes in Revision 55272. And on Thursday I finally pushed through Java Stage 04 in Body Harvest, the most challenging level I’ve done yet. I managed to get two videos out of the end of Java so look for the conclusion next week and a teaser of America, 1966.

The big news this week was the launch of VideOSTs. Basically, it’s a game’s soundtrack accompanied by the game itself. The debut game is Beetle Adventure Racing (here’s the playlist page, or you can watch ’em all right on this page!) since it was already in the N64 and doesn’t have a gargantuan playlist. I turned off the HUD, turned down the sound effects and ran a 3-lap race on each track. You can watch to see some bad turns and lots of shortcuts or just use it to listen to the music. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and I hope to get a new series up soon-ish… sometime.

Katy’s channel has more of everything again this week; more episodes of Beautiful Katamari, EDF2025 and Infinite Undiscovery. Katy’s also got another vlog up about the girl groups she likes (are there any!?) and there’s a new video of me reacting (overreacting?) to more K-pop music videos.

Worth Watching
The Game-Fan-remind-a-thon continues with old issues of the magazine reminding me of several games. Seriously, my list of stuff to dig up continues to grow! This week I managed to catch a playthrough of Nosferatu on the SNES which I was always fascinated by. I checked out the progressive princess-saves-herself PC-FX adventure Gotzendiener here and here. And I saw a speedrun of a Lovecraft inspired Virtual Boy game I had no idea existed; Innsmouth no Yakata.


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