This Week on YouTube: It’s RAINing Soup

I didn’t get up to much this week with Katy’s birthday and work picking up. I did get to check out the latest from Nom Nom Galaxy’s Revision 55304 update and then another Body Harvest went up as we continue on to the triumphant conclusion of the Java level.

Katy’s channel has more of our playthrough of Earth Defense Force 2025 as well as a fun look back at Rain Wonder Trip (plus some outtakes) for the PSP. I came across the oddball “game” while checking up on iNiS and just had to take a look. I picked up one of my favorite indie games, NEO Scavenger, in a Humble Bundle and thought I’d sit Katy down with it for a bit. And there’s a new video of me reacting (overreacting?) to more K-pop music videos.

Worth Watching
I haven’t had much time this week to dig into old games but I did manage to hit a few. Team Innocent for the PC-FX is a crazy anime adventure game with outstanding production value for the time. From the intro to the extensive recorded dialog and even the Dragon’s Lair style death scenes, it’s a class act. Too bad it’s all in Japanese. I never had an arcade with Rad Mobile when I was growing up so the game was a complete mystery to me. I watched someone’s perfect run though and, wow, it looks even better than Outrun… except for the music. Then I had to know what the difference was between Rad Mobile and the Saturn “port”, Gale Racer. Gale Racer seems pretty lame in comparison.

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