This Week on YouTube: Watch Dogs, DJ Hero, E3 2001, and Virtual Hydlide

I’ve got an early half hour with Watch Dogs on Xbox One that I streamed direct from the console and the side by side comparison of the game and its companion app. Only slightly older is another multi-camera video I recorded when I was at the height of my DJ Hero skills which was honestly just a few weeks ago.

And only slightly older than that is footage Maxx shot at E3 2001, the last time I attended the “big show”. I’ve got old clips of unreleased games and press conferences scheduled for next week as well. As for this week you can check out some footage of Black Isle’s unreleased Diablo-like, Torn, some b-roll from Sega’s booth, the GameCube version of Kameo, my dearly departed Rubu Tribe and a little walkabout through some of the show floor booths.

All this and my continuing adventures with Virtual Hydlide! This week is part 4 where we go on a sweet minecart ride and run circles around an evil mage!

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