Summer Games Series 2014 is a GO!

There are always a bunch of games I’m on the verge of firing up but for one reason or another remain in their dusty little boxes on a shelf. With no plans for a new playthrough I decided to theme up a series of videos to scratch some of those gaming itches. And so, Summer Games Series 2014 was born into this world!

“Summer games” is a pretty loose definition and as I look over this list of games all they have in common is they’re all set outdoors in the sunlight. Maybe they all have green grass in them too. But they all evoke the summertime season in one way or another for me. Maybe it’s a game I played in the Summer, hiding in my cold air conditioned bedroom while the blinding sunlight beat through the windows. Maybe it’s just that ‘extreme sports’ and fishing remind me of Summer even though they take place year round.

I’ve got things queued up for the entire calendar season of Summer. That’s 14 videos from June 21st through September 20th that will all post on Saturdays, the Summeriest day of the week! Three have already gone up as I write this post but you can follow along each week either from my YouTube channel or this playlist that will chronicle the entire series.

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