This Week on YouTube: A new videOST, Cobra Command Laserdisc and PlayStation Mobile

What a week it’s been for my channel! This past Saturday saw another Summer Games installment featuring Ribbit King with Katy. Tuesday was a quick look at Tetris Plus which kinda let me down after I’d built it up all these years in my mind. Wednesday offered another PlayStation Mobile update and my first developer comment. Thursday was jam-packed with a new videOST series featuring the music and gameplay of X-Men on the Genesis and a clean, two-part upload of Cobra Command on Laserdisc. Part 1 is the entire in-game experience while Part 2 features all the numerous death animations and some bonus stuff.

Katy continues down the Sims 3 rabbit hole on her channel this week. There’s loads of mashup madness as Style Savvy Trendsetters meets The Sims for Sims 3: playing Style Savvy Trendsetters Part 2 and Part 3. Then a new series gets underway with Sims 3: Playing Style Savvy Trendsetters town 02Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

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