This Week on YouTube: Summer, Somer, Some More Videos

As Summer winds down, so does my Summer Games series, but not without a few more surprises. I played a little chunk of Bonk’s Revenge for my official entry but I love that game so much I went ahead and recorded the rest of it. Another multi-parter wrapped up this week with the final 2 installments of my SomerAssault playthrough; man, that’s one weird game.

Wednesday was totally time for a new installment of my PlayStation Mobile series that includes even more new games with Engrish-y descriptions. Wednesday also saw one of my favorite 3DO promotional pieces go live: the ‘Whatta Buncha Tools’ spot featuring Crystal Dynamics’ 1994 lineup.

My Masaya Matsuura collection is nearly complete now thanks to this $5 yard sale find. I spend a few minutes running the original PaRappa the Rapper through its paces, desperately trying to overcome the input lag. Some day I’ll buy a huge CRT TV and try to record all these music games again. Rounding out the week is another 3DO videOST quickie featuring the intro video to the 1994 flight sim, Flying Nightmares. The CG and the guitar rock are both 90’s RAD!

Katy is rounding up her Sims 3 videos on her channel this week. There are two final installments in her Sims 3/Style Savvy Trendsetters crossover series (Part 2, Part 3). Expect a lot more ArcheAge footage from Katy through October as we’re both chomping at the bit to start playing. She’s posted some of our tomfoolery and uploaded a whole series of us running around in the Open Public Beta leading up to the game’s official release on September 16th (Part 1, 2, 3).

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