Game Music Bundle 8 is Launched! Go get it!


Yes! Yes! Yes! The Game Music Bundle 8 is out and it includes one of my favorite soundtracks from 2012 that I have shamefully never bought. Once known as ‘Zombies.’ the game has since been rebranded as ‘Corporate Lifestyle Simulator’ and its soundtrack has swollen in the process. For as little as a dollar you’ll also get the soundtracks from The Sailor’s Dream, Gods Will Be Watching, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake and Super Time Force.

For $10 you’ll get fourteen more soundtracks including FTL Advanced Edition, Lovely Planet, Majestic Nights, Double Fine’s Hack ‘n Slash and all the rest of those I don’t feel like typing out because I’m rocking out to “Zombies” right now.

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