The IGF 2015 Finalists are up, my work has begun


In 2014 I wasn’t going to dig through all of the hundreds of entries in the Independent Games Festival but I slowly started looking over the contestants and wound up doing just that. This year I knew the finalists were going to be announced in January and I was almost looking forward to the gargantuan spectacle. They did not disappoint.

Down from last year’s record-breaking total, 639 games is still an impressive collection of work to peruse. It helps when 40% of the games are entries I’ve seen in previous years, 20% are Oculus Rift games that I’ll never play, 10% are “competitive multiplayer arena fighters”, and another 20% involve cards, card collecting, or are social experiences. That leaves 10% with the potential to be right up my alley so there’s been a lot of glancing and moving on. Two days in and I’m over halfway through but I’ve already got 45 games on my short list. With another 45 (or more) to be added before the end, it’s narrowing things down to my traditional Top Twenty list that will take some time.

As usual, I’ll leave the link here and encourage everyone to take a look. I’m sure our tastes and interests differ wildly so don’t just take my word for it.

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