Done Playing: Styx: Master of Shadows (PlayStation 4)

I like stealth games and I like the slightly less dire “stealth-action” sub-genre that blossomed out of it. In fact, I’ve been on a serious stealth game bender since Dan and Drew at Giant Bomb started playing through the Metal Gear Solid anthology in August 2014. But I didn’t do it on purpose. After working through all five Metal Gear Solid games (Peace Walker included) a series of sales and subscription freebies led me from Sniper Elite 3 to CounterSpy to 2014’s THIEF and most recently to Styx: Master of Shadows. It’s a game I’d originally seen at PAX and thought it was doing both interesting new stealth things while also calling back to some of the classic elements I haven’t seen in a while.

And this is the point where I stopped writing and decided to load the game up one last time to record. This “GameLuv Recap” video is much longer than the one I did for Submerged because Styx has a lot going for it but ultimately a little bit more going against it. You can see it unfold in the video above but — tl;dr — I was happy to delete the game off of the PlayStation 4 in the end.

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