Let’s Talk About “Day One-itis & the Pre-Order Itch” with Fwends [Ep.004]

Episode 004: Day One-itis & the Pre-Order Itch where Rob & Shawn issue the edict: thou shall not pre-order games or buy on Day One… unless, ya know, you want to. Just do it for you and not because of an upsell or an ad. Well, this didn’t solve anything!

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About Us and the Show
Age-old friend Rob and I haven’t recorded much together since the days of NfamousGamers back in 2009. The site is long gone now but our five episodes remain online, as does Rob’s guest spot on an early GameLuv PodShot episode.

That’s not to say we haven’t kept in touch. Across town and across the country we IM and chat pretty regularly but just finally decided to sync up in real-time to record a new (hopefully weekly) show. Based on Rob’s “Let’s Talk About it” videos, the new show will focus on a single topic each episode, frequently about gaming but anything is up for discussion. Right now you can find it on either of our YouTube channels (mine | his) but I’m going to eventually get it up on the podcast circuit so you can subscribe wherever you listen to shows.

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