Of 2017: The YouTube Stats

Of 2017: The YouTube Stats

Like the number of games I played in 2017 I also uploaded fewer videos to YouTube than in years past: 121 to be exact. Fortunately, every other metric was on the increase. Despite the lack of activity my videos got another 540,000 views in 2017 and a ridiculous 1.3 million minutes were spent watching and listening to things I recorded.

While there are still some bad eggs out there who want to spew their hate and vanish, the interactions on my channel have been mostly positive lately. Just over 4,500 Likes far outweighed the 220 Dislikes, and of the 763 comments I only remember a few being flippant, negative, or confrontational. There was actually some good discussion of delisted games and video game preservation that I’m glad I had in 2017!

The most watched videos largely remained the same as years past: That Battletanx commercial got another 53,495 views. The first installment of my Body Harvest playthrough had another 11,178 viewers. And of course, lots of my old Speed Racer uploads were watched (and rewatched) hundreds of thousands of times.


There were also some satisfying shake-ups in the roster for 2017. Metal Gear fans really love the song “Koi no Yokushiryoku”. I uploaded it in 2015 alongside The Phantom Pain’s release but it continues to get more views and comments than any other track from the game. In 2017 it was watched 32,473 more times, over half of its total views.

My rumination over the Chip Fusing system in NieR: Automata also got 8,891 views. When we went on vacation in March I found a Jambo! Safari machine in our Walt Disney World resort and filmed it for posterity. I was happy to play the game again and to see its been a consistently viewed pair of uploads, getting a total of 3,973 views through 2017.

Most of my efforts on YouTube have focused on music lately but I hope to get back to playthroughs and some more Just Checkin’ videos in 2018. Lord knows that backlog just keeps growing!

Thanks for all the views, Likes, and generally nice comments in 2017!

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