It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for April 18th

It’s Free! on PlayStation Store for April 18th

With “Winter: Part IV” firmly wrapped around half of this country, I can’t help but think the PlayStation Store itself has frozen up. It’s a bit of a slow week is all I’m trying to say.

Trickling through the pipes is another burst of content from Tecmo Koei for Atelier Lydie & Suelle. There’s the Adventurers’ Tales pack offering some new recipes and the Delicacies and Rarities Pack with 5 new special items.

The Surge — aka “Sci-Fi Dark Souls” — is back again with some new content as well. Grab the Cutting Edge Pack this week for three unique, new exo-gear weapons and matching jumpsuits. And if Zen Studios hadn’t already quenched your thirst for pinball and Star Wars mashups, there’s now a free demo of their latest table for Pinball FX3, Star Wars™ Pinball: The Last Jedi.

Happy Spring! No wait, Winter. No… Happy Spinter!

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